Saiko Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi

Goshi Yamaguchi, Saiko ShihanYamaguchi Goshi, Saiko Shihan (Grand Master) has been the president of both the JKGA and IKGA since the late Gogen Yamaguchi's passing in 1989. He continually travels around the world to promote the family art, visiting every country that Gojukai Karate-do is practiced. He also teaches regularly at his two dojos in Tokyo, at the JKGA/IKGA Hombu Dojo in Suginami-ku, and at his dojo in Iidabashi-ku. He is active in all aspects of Karate-do, through teaching, coaching, refereeing and administrating for the two organizations of which he is president.

Yamaguchi Saiko Shihan has two children who are both involved with the association.

Goshi Yamaguchi, Saiko Shihan

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