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Kumite - Sparring

Kaiso Gogen Yamaguchi is credited as being one of the first pioneers of Jiyu Kumite or sparring in Karatedo. During the Gojukai's early years as the Sensei for Ritsumeikan University, he saw that the practice of randori or free techniques could be used as a useful tool in developing the fighting abilities of his students. He was able to successfully add this to the curriculum that he learned while a student under Chojun Miyagi Sensei, who had already developed pre-arranged sparring or Yakusoku Kumite.

Yamaguchi Sensei continued to develop his own curriculum to include Jiyu Kumite and Yakusoku kumite, believing that the two complemented each other to produce more advanced students. His ideas evolved over the last 50 years into a strong curriculum that allows students to gradually develop their Kumite skills in the same way that they develop Kihon and Kata.

The Gojukai currently uses the following for training kumite;

    Yakusoku Kumite:
  • Kihon Kumite I
  • Kihon Kumite II
  • Neko-ashi Kihon Kumite
  • Yonhon Kumite
  • Nanahon Kumite
  • Gohon Kumite
  • Roppon Kumite

Jiyu Kumite is also practiced in different stages:

  • Heiko Dachi Kumite
  • Ippo-ido Heiko Dachi Kumite
  • Awase Kumite
  • Jiyu Kumite
  • Point (Competition) Kumite

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