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Kihon - Basic Training

Kihon is the basic framework that makes up martial arts practice in Japan. Goju-Ryu Karate employs kihon instruct students on correct posture, movement, body positioning, muscle control, power generation and balance. It is also a useful tool in developing fortitude and a hearty disposition. Kihon can be broadly broken down into four main categories - Uke waza (blocking techniques), Tsuki waza (striking techniques), Keri waza (kicking techniques) and Tachi waza (stance/movement techniques).

Gojukai Karatedo employs progressive patterns to teach Kihon. These patterns begin for the novice students as stationary drills to practice individual techniques. As the student progresses, different movement drills are introduced that increase the level of difficulty of the basic patterns. Kihon Ido (Basics with movement) is practiced at all levels from the most novice White belt up through to the most advanced black belts. Kihon is necessary for the continued progression of all aspects of Karate training.

In the Gojukai, we use the following kihon at different levels of training:

  1. Tachi Kihon - Standing basics
  2. Kihon Ido - I, II - Basics while stepping, series I and II
  3. Ohyo Ido - Advanced basics
  4. Shiho/Happo/Juho Ido - Four/eight/ten step directional turning drills

In addition to these formal patterns there are many different training drills to help develop balance, power, footwork, timing, etc.

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